Atelier cnS (coenosis) is a creative industry institution based in the Pearl River Delta. The main targets and objectives are the cities, architectures, landscapes and interior environment with novel technologies in China.

Coenosis comes from Latin, meaning groups and communities. Coenosis represents the intensified power of the group, and encapsulates the perpetual emergence and self-expression of creativities under the possibilities provided by new technologies and commercial situations. The abbreviation of Coenosis is “cnS” (China’s), meaning made and created by China, while its Chinese name Shuliang describes the nowadays construction activities. Both of “cnS” and “Shuliang” emphasize the realities in China which the team must encounter, as well as the constraints of designs and technologies, along with the respects to such realities.

Atelier cnS puts its efforts not only in providing designs with unique views to the fast-developing cities in China, but also in the pioneer explorations in digital-generated designs and digital construction technologies. The designs and research works of the cofounders and partners have been awarded the Special Prize by the Shenzhen Hong Kong Biennale Committee. Atelier cnS has exhibited its works in Beijing Architecture Biennale and reported widely by domestic and foreign medias.


    “ 竖梁社” 是拉丁文c o e n o s i s ( 群落) 的中文译名,“coenosis”表着群体的积聚力量,隐喻着在新的技术和商业条件下,设计创造力的无穷涌现和自我网罗。而coenosis的简写为“cnS”。cnS(China’s)代表着中国制造与创造,“竖梁”则同时描述当下中国的建造活动。“cnS”与“竖梁社”交叉强调着团队所必须应对的中国现实,以及对这个现实所给予设计和技术约束与灵感的尊重。

      竖梁社不单致力于为快速发展的中国城市提供独特视角的设计,也致力于数字化生成设计与数字建造技术的先锋探索。联合创始人的设计与研究作品曾荣获2009年深圳香港双城双年展组委会特别奖, 竖梁社的作品参加北京国际建筑艺术双年展,并为国内外媒体广泛报道。